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General Questions

What is the age minimum for the site?

18 years old and above If anyone under 18 registers and falsifies their age, upon discovery their profile will be immediately deleted Also, they will be reported to authorities

Why are you organizing this website?

What’s in it for you the administrators of NSFW Bazaar?

How do we know we can trust you?

How can we contact you concerning technical issue?

I am large company seller and would like to advertise on your site, what is the process?

Can I use my phone in order to navigate, sell and / or buy from this website?

Buyers and Sellers F.A.Q.

How do I register to create an account?

Do you have any rules, where do I find them?

How do I delete my account?

Will you create an app?

What if there isn’t an item I want to sell or buy listed?

Will you have Spanish and other language options?

Buyer F.A.Q.

Once you have an account, look at profiles of various sellers that you like. Start chatting with them using our online chat functionality or private message. When you are ready, buy their item for sale! You will need to arrange a method of payment and provide a delivery address. The seller will then ship the product directly to you. NSFW Bazaar does not get involved in the transaction.

How much does it cost for Buyers to sign up?

It’s completely free for Buyers to sign up.

How do I order an item?

What about shipping?

What if the seller doesn’t send me the item I have paid for?

Will you have incentives for top buyers?

Seller F.A.Q.

Once you have an account, engage with buyers that you think will like you! Start chatting with them using our online chat functionality or private message. When they are ready to buy your item, arrange a method of payment and send them your goods or videos. We suggest that the return address on the parcel is the same as the delivery address in order to remain anonymous. Be sure to receive your payment before shipping, NSFW Bazaar does not get involved in the transaction. NSFW Bazaar recommends that all items are shipped with tracking in case of non delivery issues.

How do I post and send photo gallery’s and videos to a buyer?

How much does its cost to register?

How do I become a verified seller?

How do I get buyers to my store in the Bazaar?

How do i pay the Seller Membeship fee

As a seller, should I include shipping when a buyer contacts me for sale?

How much commission do we charge?

Will you have Seller rankings?

What if the buyer is belligerent or difficult?

Can I stay anonymous?

Will buyers see my e-mail address?

Do I need to show my face?

I have a problem with a transaction, what do I do?

My password to log into my account does not work.

I did not receive my activation email

Images are not uploading to my store

Will you have any contests or specials for us, as seller?

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